Core Facility for Flowcytometry – University of Copenhagen

MSD reader

The CFFC now operates a MSD reader, an advanced ELISA reader with capasity to measure up to 10 assay spot in each well. A 96 well plate is read in 90 sec.

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Instruments in Facility

The Core Facility operates 4 flowcytometers, (i.e. Calibur, LSR-II, LSRFortessa, FACSVerse) and two cellsorters (i.e. ARIA-II and FACSJazz).

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Services in Facility

The FACS core facility offer more that just use of instruments.

You may from time to time need some reagents but do not have everything in the lab.

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Fluorofinder is the newest software for designing multicolor panels and for working out if your fluorophore will work on our instrument.

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We offer course for technicians, bio analytics, master students, postdocs, and supervisors that need introduction to flow cytometry. No previous skills are needed, experienced people can also benefit from the course.

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Instrument training

We offer instrument course for new users of the facility. The training runs every second week.
LSR-II/Fortessa or Calibur training:
Takes place in odd weeks.

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