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Courses at CFFC

We offer several kinds of courses at the Core facility. In the small introduction videos below you can get an idea of what the courses includes.

Lesson UK Lesson DK
Lesson 1 (4:27) Lesson 1 (3:56)
Lesson 2 (3:16) Lesson 2 (3:16)
Lesson 3 (2:56) Lesson 3 (2:56)
Lesson 4 (2:04) Lesson 4 (2:04)
Lesson 5 (2:43) Lesson 5 (2:32)
Lesson 6 (2:31) Lesson 6 (2:28)

Internal Course

Internal courses to get access to use our instruments. Mandatory for all new users, and existing users that need access to a new instrument.

PhD Course

PhD course as part of the Faculty's PhD programme.

Non PhD Courses

Course for technicians, bio analysts, master students, postdocs, and supervisors that need introduction to flow cytometry.
We offer different courses in this category, click under the course to see what they include.

Module 1. A theoretical course in flow cytometry, taught as e-learning (web based) course, with online question room. The course has continuous enrolment. The course is app 15 hours’ work in total.

Module 2. A theoretical course in flow cytometry, taught as e-learning (web based), with online question room followed by a practical course in flow cytometry, taught in house on our instruments and includes a day with data analysis. The theoretical part of the course has continuous enrolment and the practical part of the course will be held when we have PhD courses. The course is app 30 hours work in total, divided in 15 h. theory and 15 h. practice.