Internal course

Internal course for all our instruments

Internal course most be followed before you can use any of our instruments, only CFFC staff can train you on an instrument. This is to ensure that everyone gets adequate training to minimize the risk of breakdown on our instruments. The course is at least two sessions.

First session is a 2-3 hours introduction to the instrument. We do NOT teach you basic flowcytometry so you might need introduction in you group or elsewhere before you start using our instruments.

Second session has to be with a CFFC staff sitting next to you when you perform you first experiment.

If adequate overview of the instrument has not been achieve, continues sessions or a "help" person can be needed.

You need to supply you own cells for the training session. Make sure you use good, strong markers so our staff have a good signal to work with, if you are in doubt contact us before the training session. You do not have to include markers you are going to work with, and you do not need to make complex multi color stains, 3-4 colors is sufficient. The important point is to get good stain of your cells to demonstrate the instrument. Remember, the staff may not be familiar with all kinds of cell types and stains, thus contact us to get the best sample for the training.