Course title: Basic flow cytometry and cell sorting, theoretical and practical course

Learning objectives: A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

  • The student will be able to run simple samples/protocols on flow cytometry and cell sorter, analyze the achieved data, and compare the data to other groups, evaluate presented data from flow cytometry, and discuss flow cytometry on a basic level.

Content: The course will take you through basic knowledge of how to operate a flow cytometer or cell sorter, and how to analyse the data. Several techniques will be demonstrated and the student will get a chance to work on our different instruments (FACSCalibur, LSR-II, and Aria-II).
The course is focused on the use of diva software, and to some extent CellQuest because of our choice of instruments, but independent software such as FlowLogic will also be demonstrated.

Participants: Technicians, bio analysts, master students, postdocs, and supervisors that need introduction to flow cytometry. No previous skills in flow cytometry are needed. People with previous experience can also benefit from the course.

Number of seats: There will be 4 seats on each course that run at the same time as our PhD courses.

Language: English

Theoretical part: E-learning course with videos to watch and small test to evaluate yourself.

Practical part:

  • One day (12-16) with practical exercises on the instruments (Calibur, LSR-II, and ARIA-II)
  • One day (9-16) with practical exercises on the instruments (Calibur, LSR-II, and ARIA-II)
  • One day (4-5 hours) with data analysis, test and evaluation

Teachers: Jan Pravsgaard Christensen, Liselotte Norup and Lau Larsen as well as postdocs/students at the institute.

Theoretical part: Continuous enrolment but give yourself 2-3 weeks to finish before the practical course.

Practical part: The courses in 2018 is scheduled for 26-28/9, and 24-26/10.

  • Wednesdays, 12-16, practical exercises
  • Thursdays, 9-16, practical exercises
  • Fridays, 9-14, data analysis, test and evaluation

Course location:

  • Theoretical part: Where ever you have time to watch the e-learning videos
  • Practical part: The Panum Institute, Blegdamsvej 3c, 14th floor, DK-2200 Copenhagen N.

Price: 9000,- plus vat. Invoice will be issued in the month before the course

Registration: Registration should be done in the formula below, dependent on place of employment.

Registration KU employee        Registration non-KU employee

Questions to Course director:
Jan P. Christensen
Department of Immunology and Microbiology
Blegdamsvej 3c, Maersk Tower 07-13-59
Phone: 35327873