FACS Melody

The FACS Melody is our newest sorting instrument. The instrument has a very easy way of controlling the sort process. We can train everyone to sort for them self on this instrument.

The instrument is housed in a biosafety cabinet which allow for work with GMO2 microorganisms.


  • Air-cooled 20mW 488nm blue laser
  • Air-cooled 40nW 405nm violet laser
  • Air-cooled 50mW 561nm yellow/green laser

Optical system

  • Detection of 8 FL-parameters
  • Detection of forward scatter light (FSC) with photo diode
  • Direction of side scatter light (SSC) and fluorescence signal towards PMTs

Blue laser detection (488 nm)*

  • 527/32 nm FITC
  • 700/54 nm PerCP-Cy5.5

Yellow/green laser detection (561 nm)*

  • 582/15 nm PE
  • 613/18 nm mCherry, PE-CF594
  • 697/58 nm PE-Cy5.5
  • 783/56 nm PE-Cy7

Violet laser detection (405 nm)*

  • 448/45 nm BV421
  • 528/45 nm BV510

Check the reference guide including a guide to setting up the color combination or use the more comprehensive list of available fluorochromes.

* Each color is just an example, you should ensure that you are using the right colors by checking the filter setting.

Sort Collection Devices

  • Two-way sorting into the following sample tube collection devices: 1.5-, 2.0-, and 5.0-ml tubes.
  • One-way sorting into the following collection devices: 6-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates, 96-well PCR tray, and microscope slide.

Sample Input Sizes

  • 12x75 mm

Temperature Control

  • Sample input, software-adjustable: 4, 22, 37 and 42 degrees C
  • Sample output for sort collection: Water re-circulator bath for cooling/heating of the sample tube and sort collection devices (tubes or plates).