FluoroFinder is the newest software for designing multicolour panels. It can be used to work out if your fluorophore will work on our instrument.

We have signed up with FluoroFinder with all our instrument configurations, so it is easy to pick an instrument and design your panel around it.

Each configuration in FluroFinder is an exact copy of our instrument, with filter settings and lasers, thus you can be sure that any design made in FluoroFinder will work on the instrument.

You need to sign up with FluoroFinder which is free. In that process you need to register your institution, choose “University of Copenhagen” and the facility, choose “UCDK Core Facility for Flow Cytometry (CFFC)”, then you will have access to the instruments in the facility.

The program will assist you in designing multicolour panels, based on antigen expression, brightness of fluorophore and availably channels. It includes a spectra viewer so you can minimize spillover between channels and it offers all the major vendors catalog on hand when you decide on an antibody.